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The only treatment in CD is a gluten-free diet, where wheat, rye and barley are strictly excluded. The glutenfree oats (oats, which have been produced without gluten contamination) can be included in gluten-free diet. When a coeliac starts gluten-free diet, the small bowel villi recover fast, and the function of the bowel and the utilisation of nutrients normalise. This does not mean, however, that CD is cured. To avoid symptoms a coeliac needs a life-long, strict gluten-free diet. Thus the condition of the small bowel remains normal.

Keliaakikko ravitsemusterapeutilla
What Can I Eat Now? Coeliac Patient at Dietician’s Appointment
Coeliac patient receives dietetic counselling about gluten-free diet in this video clip by the Finnish Coeliac Society.