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Gluten-free shopping

All supermarkets and grocery stores (ruokakauppa) carry gluten-free cereal products: bread, crackers, crisp bread, biscuits, breakfast cereals and cakes. However, selection and availability may vary according to the size of the shop, demand, etc. The products may be placed on a separate shelf or with so called health foods, but mainly beside the ”normal” counterpart products. Gluten-free products are sold in Health Food Shops (Luontaistuotekauppa), too, but they are normally more expensive there. Gluten-free products are not sold at Chemist’s in Finland. MOILAS GF, FRIA, SEMPER and FINAX bakeries distribute frozen gluten-free goods throughout the whole of Finland. Other common brand names are SCHÄR, GARBO, VUOHELA and GLUTANO.

When our Crossed Grain Symbol appears on packaging it tells you that the food is gluten-free. Some manufacturers label their products with label "gluteeniton" (=gluten-free). Manufacturers do not currently have to label their products in these ways, although some may choose to do so. There is also plenty of products, which don´t have the the Crossed grain symbol or gluteeniton-label, but still they are suitable for coeliacs.

Keliaakikko ruokaostoksilla
How Do I Find Gluten-free Products in the Supermarket? A Coeliac shopping for groceries
Newly diagnosed coeliac goes shopping for gluten-free food with a friend who has had coeliac disease for 15 years. Video clip by the Finnish Coeliac Society.