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Keliakia (Coeliac) Magazine is the most efficient way to reach the Finnish coeliacs. There are over 26.000 diagnosed coeliacs in Finland today. Over 19.000 of them belong to the local associations of the Coeliac Society. All members receive Keliakia as a membership benefit. The Finnish Quality of Life Study Project of Coeliacs showed that Keliakia is the most important source of information to coeliacs; 95% of coeliacs receive information from Keliakia.

Keliakia is a comprehensive magazine of coeliac disease and gluten-free diet.

  1. Medical articles of coeliac disease
  2. Fresh and updated information of gluten-free diet
  3. Information of gluten-free products and manufacturers
  4. Latest nutritional recommendations for coeliacs
  5. Stories of everyday life of coeliacs
  6. Different surveys of gluten-free services

[pdf]Keliakia Media Information 2017, 201 kb, Päivitetty: 15.12.2016

Keliakia-lehti 4/2016

[pdf]Summary of Keliakia Magazine 2/2015, 86 kb, Päivitetty: 13.05.2015

[pdf]Summary of Keliakia Magazine 1/2015, 194 kb, Päivitetty: 18.03.2015