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The primary interest of the Finnish Coeliac Society is to improve the well-being of Finnish coeliac patients and others who follow gluten-free diet for their health in their daily life. Finnish Coeliac Society has over 20 000 members.

Finnish Coeliac Society publishes cook books for gluten-free baking and cooking and Gluten-free Life magazine (in Finnish), which informs the membership and others interested in current themes in the gluten-free life. The society also gives nutritional advising in gluten-free diet and collaborates with researchers interested in coeliac disease.

Contact information:

Finnish Coeliac Society / Keliakialiitto ry

Hammareninkatu 7

SF-33100 Tampere


Phone: +358 3 2541 300

E-mail: info@keliakialiitto.fi